Разработка и программинг сайта, BRETHOUT

How can breathe out be translated?
Breathe out can be expressed with the sense of feelings.

Happiness, pain, disappointment, loss of your beloved
and again happiness and the fear of loosing it…
These moments are like bright marks in our heart,
in which we are returning, trying to forget,
but we experience them again and again.

When you are filled with deep emotions,
everything that used to surround you - stop to exist.
You are helpless, unaware what to do.
The only thing that left is to breathe out...
Breathe out the emotions and disappointment that have overfilled you.
You want to share them, to give them to your closest people... or to the sky.

To see and to feel - means to live.
Our music is breathe out.
Breathe out - we give.
Breathe out - we want to share with the whole world.

We hope that our feelings will come closer to you.

We are composing since 1995.
Our music consists of more than 200 compositions,
in which not only songs are included,
but instrumental music too.

2008, «Cafe del Mar», vol.15,
tracks: World, Stop, I see, Night Wave in Ibiza
2006, «Greeks United» Collection, track «I`ll be back»
2005,«Cafe.gr.», vol.1, track «Synth Voice»
2003,« The Colors of Earth» Fabel Sound-Instrumental personal album.

iTunes («Cafe del Mar», vol.15, tracks: World, Stop, I see, Night Wave in Ibiza)
Heat FM 88.3 FM (Alexandroupolis)
Best Radio 92.6 FM (Athens)
We constantly work over new compositions.
Soon new tracks will be completed.
We will fain share our music with you and wait for your comments..

If you would like to contact us
please dial:
0030 6937129230
0030 2551026061
or send an e-mail to:
Our representative office in Moscow:
Shiloff Group, Supporting your business
+7 495 778 65 55
e-mail: info@shiloffgroup.com
109147, Moscow, Vorontsovskaya st., 17
Business center "Mosenka Capital Plaza"